Carmen Bjornald


Carmen Bjornald is a multidisciplinary artist, whose work has featured in projects for clients worldwide. Inspired by nature, she cuts, folds, glues and transforms sheets of paper of various textures into creations that mimic the flowers in nature, adding her own fertile imagination. A sheet of paper becomes a three-dimensional object in her hands.

She works with photographers, stylists, designers, boutiques, wedding planners, and private clients, creating an array of paper installations, window displays, sets, photo props, wedding arrangements, hair accessories and home decorations.

The bulk of Carmen’s work is made from handmade acid-free paper, old books, sheet music, maps or antique handwritten sheets. She turns paper from dust collectors into fascinating floral sculptures, ranging from tiny blooms to huge eye-catching paper flowers.

Although the signature material is paper, recent work have involved creations in water resistant foam for outdoor installations and giant blooms.

Carmen lives and works in Piedmont, Italy in her cottage at the beautiful, romantic Lake Orta.

Some of her paper art work can be found at Etsy

Self Portrait